28 ICE TEA – Tastes like homemade.


No time to make your own ice tea? No worries, 28 ICE TEA tastes like homemade! 28 ICE TEA, made with essences of tea, is enriched by high quality ingredients like juice or blossom honey. 28 ICE TEA quenches your thirst and puts a smile on your face.

Available in 0.33 l glass bottles and in boxes of 12


What is the difference between black, green and white tea?
Whether black, green or white – all varieties of tea come from the same plant. The difference has to do with the way the tea leaves are processed. Black tea is fermented, green tea is simply heated to keep it green, and white tea is only picked and dried.

What is tea extract?
Tea extract is a water-soluble concentrate that derives from tea.

What is theine?
The caffeine found in tea is also referred to as 'theine'. Chemically speaking, caffeine and theine are identical, and both have stimulating effects. Theine, however, is largely bound to the tannins that occur in tea, and this leads to a delay in effects.

Is 28 ICE TEA vegan?
28 ICE TEA Lemon and 28 ICE TEA Peach are vegan. Not vegan are the 28 ICE TEA Green Tea Honey, 28 ICE TEA Pomegranate and 28 ICE TEA Blueberry White Tea varieties, as these contain honey.

What is the shelf life of 28 ICE TEA?
The minimum shelf life of 28 ICE TEA is 24 months. 
In various countries, the 'Best before' date may be shorter than this due to legal requirements.